SACEN S.r.l.

Viale Colli Aminei n.279 – 80131 Naples

Tel./fax (+39) 0817441813 – (+39) 0817413062

SACEN S.r.l. has been working for more than 40 years in the civilian building trade and has been able to acquire, during the years, a great experience in the execution of special works for the conservative and building restoration through a high specialization in the field of the buildings reinforcement to allow the adjustment to the most recent earthquake-prrof technologies.

SACEN has at its disposal, apart from Naples offices, an operative office which is part of the industrial assembly of Minturno (LT) on the trafficside; leading to the motorway interchange of Cassino (FR). Here, there is the operative group of the company and it’s the seat for all the equippings, machines and motor vehicles, but above all the seminafactured in composite materials are realized; they are necessary for the restoration interventations and structural reinforcement.

Via Marco Biagi n.6
Industrial Area – Penitro
04026 Minturno (LT)

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