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SACEN , nowaday, enrolls its own activity, above all, in the field of cultural heritage, but it thinks carefully of all the matters about the deterioration and preventive recovery of the buildings or of part of them, even if they are in masonry, reinforced concrete, wood, etc

SACEN becomes unique interlocutor of the purchaser and of the Works Direction: from the first analysis and planning, through the prices budgeting, to the handworks production and realization and to the phase of the work execution.

It owns a high knowledge and familiarity about the composite materials (Aramide fiber, Carbon fiber, glass fiber, hybrid fabrics) and the technical fabrics, through them it worked on important works such as Saint Francesco of Assisi Basilica and The Amphitheatre Flavio (Colosseum) in Rome; The store of knowledge and experience gained in this filed have allowed it to refine the interventation techniques which, nowadays, are the pride of SACEN which is the holder of some patents on materials and reinforcement methods.

SACEN has got own machines and with a highly qualified labour, it produces and applies its own handworks through methods which are always studied and in a continuous evolution, through the high experience and techniques gained during the years.

It works in the conservative restoration field, of the building recovery and it is specialized in the deteriorated buildings reinforcement and into the improvement of the seismic behaviour of the structures, through the use of an intervenatation method called “ SACEN Composite System ”, which foresees the use of composite materials in Aramide fiber, Carbon Fiber, Glass fiber or hybrid fabrics.

This reinforcement system has been studied in many years of research and experimentation through several laboratory tests and aimed tp check the result characteristics.

All the works of SACEN are executed respcting the rules and methods arranged with the following Corporations:

This new system is based on the use of Aramide, Carbon, Glass or Hybrid fibers and multiaxial fabrics MULTITEX ® , bidirectional BITEX ® and unidirectional UNITEX ® integrated with pivoting and riveted joints through round bars BARTEX ® , frayed round bars NAILTEX ® , Flat bars FLAT-TEX ® and plaits tie rods BRAID-TEX ® and finds a specific application in the reinforcement phase and in the static improvement of deteriorated structures.

In detail:

the system foresees the wet way application of the technical fabrics MULTITEX ® , BITEX ® , UNITEX ® and, in the specific way, the working phases are the following ones:

  1. preventive application on the bearing which has to be treated of a proper epoxidic primer which is bi-component superfluid,with a low level of toxicity; and environmental impact, codified “IPM EP-P H/W” into the version which is suitable to the bearing and to the environmental conditions;
  2. following surface settlment through the use of an epoxidic tixotropic stucco, with a high level of penetration and high mechanic and adhesion strength codified “IPM ARMATEK” into the version suitable to the bearing and to the environmental conditions;
  3. laying “cool on cool” of the MULTITEX fabrics ® / BITEX ® / UNITEX ® previously impregnated with the superfluid epoxidic resin with a highimpregnating power and a low level of toxicity and environmental impact, called “IPM EP H/W” into the version suitable to the bearing and to the environmental conditions; the impregnation is executed through the suitable machine or, where the environmental conditions don't allow the use, through a manual system (plunging of the fabric in some tanks containing resin and elimination of the product in excess).

The structural reinforcement planning solutions through the method “SACEN Composite System” are good for the caracteristics of “not invasive ;”, “innovative;”, “quickness;” and “economical advantage” in comparison with an interventation of reinforcement executed according to the classic methods.

The resins which are used for the structural reinforcement are produced by the IPM Italia S.r.l., a leader company in this field and it takes care of “no-dangerous” products, with a low environmental impact, a low level of toxicity; and have at their disposal, in conformity with the most recent safety normatives, the proper and detailed technical reports and safety reports.

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